Planting the seeds

Growing up, I thought that everyone was trying to save the planet. That it was normal. I thought everyone tested pH levels in creeks when they were in third grade and strategically planted flowers, ferns and trees to prevent silt runoff into streams a few grades later. Wasn't this what everyone did as a kid at a public school? Years later, that answer was a very resounding no. Being part of the Adopt-A-Stream project to help restore the salmon population planted the seeds at a very young age how one person can make a difference. 


tilth soil and water steward

After a long love affair with Seattle Tilth I became a Soil and Water Steward in an effort "to empower friends and neighbors to support local food systems and practice environmental stewardship in their everyday actions." One of my areas of focus when working on my undergrad degree at UW was the study of food politics and sustainability. I started growing my own food when I learned about the socioeconomic and environmental issues surrounding commercial food production and haven't looked back. After years of practicing basic stewardship on what has felt like a small scale, I now have the tools to make a greater impact on my community for the better.


Looking forward

Both a personal and professional goal is to align myself with organizations and companies that share my sense of stewardship. It is my hope to one day work for a company that seeks to advance environmental justice, reduce socioeconomic disparities and reduce health inequities through sustainable business practices and partnerships.